Anonymous asked : girl your body is seriously HOT. and i'm a completely 100% straight female saying this.

Omgaaahhhhh stahp. You so precious!

Anonymous asked : What's the most interesting thing in your life?

omg. uhm… i’m just gonna crawl under a rock because i don’t think i’m interesting. womp. 

Anonymous asked : why is yogurt good for you?

Yogurt is good for you because it has a healthy bacteria I think that helps your body digest food. And it’s healthy, sometimes. So yeah. GO YOGURT!

Anonymous asked : i really wish i liked yogurt because i know its good for you but i just dont like the taste. it tastes like sour cream to me sort of. what should i do?

Dude i thought I wrote an anon to myself when I read this!! Try putting fruit and vanilla almond granola in it. I’m still trying to like it but this is a good way to start.


Because rotating your selfies 90 degrees is cool.
Anonymous asked : I wish I had those curves girl, and they're only gonna get better from here! Keep up the good work lovely :)

aww zomg thankkk you. this means a lot. 


Fit people who don’t look like fit people are still fit people.