The best project you’ll ever work on is you. Sonny Franco (via psych-facts)


when i babysit i make sure to wear cool socks just in case the kid hates me we can at least talk about how cool my socks are.

Still haven’t been to the gym, but I did get a new job THAT’S ON CAMPUS.

Basically I’m a mentor for a student with a disability. My job is to be her friend and help her adjust to college life and such. Today was my first day actually hanging out with her after a week long orientation/training, so yeah.

It’s pretty sweet. Other than that. First week of classes, not so sweet.

BUT this is my LAST FREAKIN YEAR! OMG. so yeah. There’s your update.

5 Ways to Untwist Irrational Thinking
  • EXAMINE THE EVIDENCE: Instead of assuming that a negative thought is true, examine the factual evidence for and against it.
  • THE SURVEY METHOD: Ask people questions to find out if your thoughts and attitudes are realistic or fair.
  • THE EXPERIMENTAL METHOD: Conduct an experiment to test the validity of your negative thought.
  • THE ANTI-DOUBLE STANDARD TECHNIQUE: Talk to yourself the way you would talk to a friend, rather than the way you normally talk to yourself.
  • THINKING IN SHADES OF GRAY: Instead of thinking about your problems in extreme black-and-white categories, evaluate the situation along a continuum, taking note of subjective aspects of the situation.