College Eating & Fitness 101
Tip 1: Always carry portable healthy snacks and a water bottle.- I think we’ve all experienced the class schedule that is back to back classes with no breaks for food and you end up shushing your stomach as it growls for food during a quiet lecture. Try carrying around granola bars, bananas, nuts, pretzels, etc. to snack on during and between classes. And of course carry a water bottle to stay hydrated.
Tip 2: Make balanced choices and watch portion sizes in dining halls.- Dining halls typically have a lot to offer, even for those with special diets like vegetarians and vegans, it might just take a little experimenting to find out what you like and dislike. Try mixing and matching the different stations like salad bar, sandwich bar, stir fry and so on to make a tasty and healthy meal. Also look out for the better choices they have to offer like baked or grilled instead of fried, whole grains instead of refined, low fat or almond milk instead of whole, baked potatoes instead of fries, fruit instead of cookies.
Tip 3: Moderation!- Now I just gave you some ways to make better choices by limiting (not avoiding) some fried foods and sweets, but it’s okay to have these things every now and then. If your friends order pizza, go for it. Just make sure your diet is balanced.
Tip 4: Make time for eating.- When you first get your class schedule try to arrange for times to eat and if you think it may be difficult to stop and get food or whip something up make sure you have portable snacks or even lunches (pack a sandwich or something) just don’t forget to eat. You need your brain food!
Tip 5: Stay active. Take advantage of what your school has to offer.- Walking and biking to class is a great way to get moving. Also if your school offers intramural sports or clubs, join them! And most schools offer free gym facilities, so take advantage of these things. 
Tip 6: Avoid stress eating.- Exams, midterms, finals, homework, projects and papers can be super stressful so to avoid stress eating try going for a short walk, doing some yoga, stretching or spending some time in the gym. 

Posted: Tuesday March 26th, 2013 at 1:46pm

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