For me, one of my biggest struggles is overeating. So here are a couple tips that can help anyone who has the same problem.
1. eat slower - don’t rush, enjoy your food. you’ll be able to tell when you’re full and you can avoid overeating. take your time. 
2. use smaller plates/bowls - by using smaller plates and bowls you can trick yourself into eating the proper portions since your plate/bowl will look more full than if you use larger plates.
3. drink water - you should drink a glass of water before you eat to make sure you’re actually hungry and not thirsty. if you are still hungry, eat. while you’re eating drink water. and drink some more when you’re done.
4. acknowledge fullness - by eating slower and drinking water you’ll have time to notice when you are full. when you’re full, stop eating, save it for later or the next day. there’s nothing wrong with leftovers.
5. keep a food journal - by writing down what you eat you’ll feel more accountable and make better choices. you can also use this journal when you run out of ideas for meals and snacks.
6. protein protein protein - eat your meats, beans & legumes. these will make you feel full longer. PLUS they’re great for building up your muscles.
7. allow small indulgences - and of course you can’t forget, moderation. don’t ban anything! having a little bit of ice cream, or a couple french fries, or a cookie every now and then it will not hurt you!

Posted: Wednesday June 5th, 2013 at 6:00pm

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